Recipe: Old Shanghai onion oil open noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Shanghai onion oil open noodles


Canglangting's bowl of onion oil noodles is sure to be a lot of Shanghai food and the love of the older generation. My father and I are also good at this delicious taste, but the simple match is endless. I tried it many times and finally made this bowl of noodles for my dad to say that there was a style of Canglang Pavilion decades ago. Let's go back in time with the time machine of taste. The seemingly simplest face is actually a lot of thoughts. Don't be afraid of the troublesome foodies, please continue to read it~ The finished product decided not to let you down. Tips are very important!



  1. Let us start with a bottle of omnipotent squirting scallions! Salad oil and lard are in the pan, the ratio is about 3:1. In fact, the higher the proportion of lard, the more fragrant.

  2. When the oil is burnt to 60% hot, slice the garlic, shredded onions, a little star anise and a piece of fragrant leaves into the pot, fry until the onion is slightly burnt.

  3. Remove all the oil from the oil, and heat the oil again. Sixty percent of the oil is added. Add the shallots of the shallots to the scallions, add a lush green, add a green onion, and simmer until the onions become crisp. Quickly remove the onions from the pot. Otherwise, the oil will warm. Focus on the onions!

  4. Put a small spoonful of salt in the oil, bottle it after cooling, and our onion oil is finished! ~ You can take more than one time~

  5. Then there is the processing method of Kaiyang. Put a spoonful of sugar in the rice wine and mix it. After the sea is soaked, peel off the hard shell on the ocean.

  6. Then the steamed nudes (--||) on the pot, the amount of rice wine just drowned in the open sea, steamed to open the ocean to suck the yellow wine into it.

  7. Put some scallions in the pot, add in the sautéed sauté to the fragrant, then add the soy sauce, soy sauce, braised gravy and sugar, and the small fire to the soft back. Open the toppings to complete.

  8. Finally finally! The cauldron is a little more water below! After the water is boiled, put a spoonful of salt. The noodles will be more glutinous and non-stick. Put in a noodle water and add a spoonful of cold water to re-open. Then take a spoonful of cold water and then open it and drain it.

  9. Just simmered on the ocean, add a spoonful of scallions, and finally the fried shallots are put on ~ and then served with a bowl of seaweed egg soup, the horse is perfect~~


1 fried onions and garlic cloves are also very delicious, it is recommended to keep ~ like fried shallots, cool and put into a sealed bag. 2 The amount of star anise and fragrant leaves must not be too much. They are added only to make the scallions more layered. If you can taste them in the scallions, you must put more. 3 The same is true for onions and garlic. Shallot: Onion: Garlic is about 4:1:0.2. 4 When you are leeks, you must not choose any oils such as olive oil, peanut oil, and tea seed oil. Otherwise, the taste of the scallions you get will be complicated. . 5 The amount of leek oil is 2/3 of the shallot, otherwise the onion is not rich enough. 6 All the fires, don't cover them, or you will get a simmering onion. 7 Open the hard shell of the ocean, please be gentle and clean, otherwise you will feel the violent struggle of your mouth and esophagus when you eat it. 8 The most eye-catching thing in the open toppings is the braised gravy! As a food and drink, all kinds of old soups should be preserved. There is really no need to add some XO sauce, seafood sauce, and oyster sauce. 9 Noodles, please use fresh fine noodles and do not cook too soft. Everyone has an appetite~~

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