Recipe: Old pigeon 煲 mung bean (clearing and detoxifying)

Home Cooking Recipe: Old pigeon 煲 mung bean (clearing and detoxifying)


This soup is specially for my own sake, because now I am pregnant, I need to go to the fetus, otherwise the belly will have a little red dot and itchy, this soup has the effect of going to the fetus, it is better to use the old pigeon, the mung bean is the heat Detoxification, the two are appropriate, complement each other! There is a saying in China that "one pigeon wins nine chickens". The pigeon meat is not only nutritious, but also has certain health effects and can prevent and cure various diseases. In the "Compendium of Materia Medica", "the pigeon feathers are numerous, only white is used as medicine". From ancient times to now, Chinese medicine believes that pigeon meat has liver and kidney. , Yiqi blood, clearing heat and detoxification, Shengjinzhike and other effects. Modern medicine believes that: pigeon meat and body to strengthen the kidney, vitality, brain and nerves, improve memory, lower blood pressure, adjust the body's blood sugar, beauty and beauty, skin white and delicate, longevity.



  1. Pigeons let the merchants kill on their behalf, go home and wash and cut into the right amount

  2. Jujube to nuclear, mung bean and dried tangerine peel are washed, soaked in advance

  3. Put all the materials in the pressure cooker, add about 800ml of water, cover the lid and press for about 35 minutes.

  4. Finally, season with salt.


The old pigeon is about half as expensive as the young pigeon. If it is eaten at home, it does not have to be an old pigeon. It also has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. Drinking better in summer! It is better to drink with a casserole without using a pressure cooker, and the effect is better! I don't have time to watch the fire map!

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