Recipe: Old hen corn soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Old hen corn soup



  1. The old hen is cleaned and smashed into large pieces; the corn is cut into small pieces; the ginger is peeled and flattened; the carrot is peeled and cut into pieces.

  2. Put the material in the pot and add 6~8 bowls of water.

  3. After the fire is boiled, remove the floating foam; cook for 20 minutes on medium heat, then cook for 1.5 to 2 hours on low heat.

  4. Seasoning with salt


1: Meat soup should be placed in cold water, because the meat in the hot water will quickly solidify the protein of the meat. In this case, the meat will not release the umami. 2: After the soup is boiled, it is necessary to remove the floating foam, so that the soup that is baked out is delicious.

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