Recipe: Old flavored assorted

Home Cooking Recipe: Old flavored assorted


A cold dish that my husband loves to eat, once a year after the New Year, will not be able to eat this taste at home. After eating, I will eat outside. My husband will only see this cold dish, so I decided to study it myself. I will let it appear at my table this year!



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: I have forgotten the photo of the ingredients before I left it.

    I have forgotten the photo of the ingredients before I left it.

  2. First, all the ingredients are soaked in a bowl in advance, and the shampoo water is reserved.

  3. Magnolia slices, boiled bran, boiled, cooked nuts

  4. Add oil to the pot, stir-fry the onion, add the mushrooms, stir-fry, then add the fungus, cauliflower, magnolia, nuts, and then the water of the mushrooms.

  5. Add roasted bran, simmered in four or five brown sugar, a small glass of white wine, water

  6. The yuba will be rotten, so you can add it when the water is half dry, then stir fry until the soup is completely drained.

  7. Seasoning with oyster sauce and musk oil

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