Recipe: Old dry mom bitter melon scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Old dry mom bitter melon scrambled eggs


The bitter gourd is cool, it can be used with a variety of meats, or it can be fried separately. It is one of Maple's favorite ingredients in summer. Laoganma bitter melon scrambled eggs, simple materials, convenient, balanced nutrition, is a must-have meal for lazy kitchen!



  1. Bitter gourd cut out the melon, wash the slice

  2. Boil a pot of water, bitter gourd into the pot for about 1 minute, drain and drain the water, stand by

  3. Eggs are beaten and fried in a pan until half cooked.

  4. From the oil pan, under the appropriate amount of Laoganma sauce, sauté, bitter gourd stir fry until 8 mature, lower the egg, stir fry until cooked, add the right amount of salt, pan out

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