Recipe: Old Chengdu oil and spicy

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Chengdu oil and spicy


The formula comes from the spark stone. The original formula is 10 times the amount. If we have fewer family members, we will do less. But when I finished, I regretted doing less. . . Too fragrant~ too fragrant~! ! ! Repeat 10,000 times! ! !



  1. Place the chili noodles, peppercorns, and white sesame seeds in the same container (the container should be heat-resistant and anhydrous) and mix evenly in the proportion of the square.

  2. Put a pot on the stove, pour the oil, heat to 80% on medium heat (about 240 degrees, or put a little onion with no water in the oil pan, the onion quickly mashed out to indicate that the oil is good), turn off the fire.

  3. Pour half of the oil into the container and mix well with the chili noodles. The remaining half of the oil temperature drops to about 150 degrees and is poured into the container.

  4. Cover the lid and store it overnight, and enjoy it the next day.

  5. I can't wait, just mix it with a preserved egg tofu to eat, and the incense is dead! ! ! I can't wait to take pictures! Continue tomorrow!


PS: Raw materials are very important. Use hand-made chili noodles and Hanyuan pepper. The original recipe is 1:2 ratio of Chaotianjiao and Erjingjia. I only use this kind of pepper on my hand. Pepper is also used in Hanyuan pepper.

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