Recipe: Old Beijing thirteen absolutely - - Ai Wowo

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing thirteen absolutely - - Ai Wowo


Old Beijing traditional snacks, when I was a child, I remembered that there were two kinds of fillings. I prefer red bean filling, and there is also a kind of blue and red sugar sesame filling. Very fragrant but too flustered...



  1. Steam or rice cooker steamed rice

  2. Stir the red bean stuffing, knead the dough, the size of the head is as big as the steamed stuffed buns, and then roll a layer of fried sesame. spare

  3. Apply some water to the hand, then wrap the stuffing with steamed rice and make it a sphere.

  4. The fried rice noodles/flour is mixed with shredded coconut and the whole ball is rolled in a few rolls.

  5. Decorate the top half of the bubble.


Tips for teaching red bean stuffing

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