Recipe: Old Beijing stewed fire

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing stewed fire


Boiled pork, stir-fry, liver, sheep, miscellaneous belly, I am a visceral fan, Beijing girl, small intestine, Chen, I used to go home once a month in high school, and I loved a small pot of steamed fire. I ate a cauldron cauldron and scared others around the world. I have a taste of this mouth, and I have a big intestine. God restores the taste in memory, but! ! ! Nima coriander only the stone pot used in the stem container to know how much I regret. Next time I want the soup to ask for some coriander leaves, I do one person (white fat paper does not eat the large intestine), the ratio is not accurate enough to record first It’s mainly too exciting! ! Not willing to mess with other recipes



  1. Do the fire with the noodles: the surface is harder and the water is stirred into a flocculent shape. After waking up, the water and the surface are well mixed. It is better to make the cake into the oven. 350 degrees Fahrenheit is 175 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes until the cake is hard (the oven size and the cake) Thickness will affect time)

  2. Wash the large intestine, small intestine, lung, pig, liver, pig, heart, vinegar, wash the small intestine, large intestine (also sell clean, can save cleaning time), lungs, pig liver, need more bubbles, go to blood, then slice and continue to soak for water

  3. 焯水: cold water pot boiled small intestine large intestine lung head pig liver water after cleaning and then oblique knife to the large intestine slice (saving time at home, do not have to cook)

  4. Burn a pot of water to put the halogen material, put the old pumping wine, set the fire, burn the bean bulb, the large intestine, the small intestine, the pig lung (the pig liver is added by me, not too early, the last put it more tender)

  5. Take out the fire for about half an hour. Cut the six petals and put them back in the pan for an hour. (If the pig liver is not properly placed, it will take about 50 minutes to cook for a few minutes.)

  6. When cooking, get rid of: sesame paste, a piece of fermented bean curd, and then put it in a marinade.

  7. Finally, pour in the marinade in the big bowl and put the garlic on the end of the parsley. ! ! I like the vinegar and chili oil (I like the original taste)

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