Recipe: Old Beijing red soup sheep scorpion

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing red soup sheep scorpion


Super simple but absolutely delicious recipe for the sheep scorpion, after this meal, I want to go back! Tips for picking the lamb's scorpion: The bones are small, the meat is flexible, the sheep's scorpion can be tender, the skin is fragrant, and the amount of sheep oil is large.



  1. Sheep scorpion cuts three fingers wide and small segments, cold water bubbles for 6-10 hours

  2. Soak the sheep's scorpion in a cold water pot, simmer for 5-10 minutes, wash and remove.

  3. The sheep's hazelnuts are re-added to the cold water, and the seasoning is added. After the pot is opened, the lid is boiled for 1 hour, covered, and the fire is turned off.

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