Recipe: Old Beijing miso sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing miso sauce


Old Beijing miso noodles is like a label in Beijing. It is also the label of Beijing's old alley. Eating delicious pasta always feels that it is a happy memory and a simple food that makes people feel happy.



  1. Choose a four-point fat six-skinned peeled pork belly cut chopped, green onions chopped green onion, dry yellow sauce and water slowly diluted, if you like the kind of dry fried sauce, put less water, if you like a moist taste, put more Then mix the sweet sauce with the yellow sauce and mix thoroughly;

  2. Pour some oil into the pot. After the oil is warmed, stir-fry the green onion and stir-fry the diced pork. Add the oil to the fat. Stir-fried sauce, the oil must be put more, otherwise the sauce will be very dry, and will paste the pot;

  3. Pour in the mixed rice wine and sweet sauce, stir fry, and add some cooking wine to avoid the pan;

  4. After the fried sauce is fried for about 20 minutes, the noodles will be served.

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