Recipe: Old Beijing garlic sausage

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing garlic sausage


In fact, the first time I used it was an imported garlic mud like a toothpaste tube, which was salty. But the kind of seasoning is not available in China, and it can't be found on the Internet, so I tried it for the second time with special garlic, and I feel it is OK. Haven't tried garlic powder, it should be good too! Interested friends can try.



  1. Mix all ingredients and stir up!

  2. Pig casings were immersed for 30 minutes before use.

  3. Cut the casing of the same length and tie it on the other side.

  4. Note that both ends must be at least 5 cm empty and not filled, and the middle can be filled with eight minutes.

  5. Before steaming the water in the cold water, first put some holes in the garlic intestine, otherwise it will break! ! ! After the water is opened, it should be tied twice in about five minutes!

  6. Cooked 15 minutes after boiling.


Starch and water are added as you like.

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