Recipe: Old Beijing fried sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing fried sauce


This fried sauce must be oily. It is the absolute weapon under the noodles. The pork belly should be fat and thin, not too fat or too thin. The fried sauce made by Beijingers should also enlarge the onion and ginger foam. I did not buy it. , I added some cooking wine to 腥



  1. Dilute the dry sauce with water

  2. Pork belly peeled, fat and lean meat separately diced

  3. From the oil pan, put more oil to the ripening diced meat at the time of ripening, stir fry until oily. At this time, combine lard and vegetable oil, then lean the diced meat, stir fry until the diced meat discolors and scent, pour into the thinning Stir-fried yellow sauce

  4. Add a little cooking wine and a small bowl of water, then turn to low heat for about ten minutes.

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