Recipe: Old Beijing court cheese

Home Cooking Recipe: Old Beijing court cheese


I recently learned a simple way to use the microwave oven to quickly make a court cheese and share it with everyone. Even the level of learning and easy to do can even be smoothed out by children. Just mix rice wine and milk in a certain proportion. Evenly, put in the microwave oven for only three minutes, a bowl of famous palace cheese is ready. Children who love to eat cheese must try it out. Learn this trick. In the future, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to go to the long queue to buy cheese. It’s awesome. Take a bite, the throat suddenly overflows with the thick milk flavor of the mellow rice wine, don't mention how delicious it is. Rice wine is also called glutinous rice, distiller's grains, wine, liqueur, sweet rice wine, glutinous rice wine, Jiangmi wine, and there is a sale in the supermarket.



  1. Pour rice wine with rice juice into a bowled bowl

  2. Extrusion of rice wine juice by hand

  3. Take a small measuring cup

  4. Pour pure milk and rice wine juice into another bowl in a ratio of 2:1

  5. Add a little sugar and stir it in one direction with chopsticks.

  6. Stir the rice wine juice and pure milk evenly

  7. Use a spoon to pour out the right amount of milk rice wine and pour it into a wide mouth bowl.

  8. Put in the microwave oven, set it to medium and high fire microwave and take it out after 1 minute.

  9. Then set the microwave oven to medium heat, continue the microwave for 1-2 minutes (take it out every 1 minute)

  10. Cool the microwave to thick cheese and let it cool in the refrigerator.


Precautions: 1. Whether the cheese is solidified or not has a great relationship with the quality of the raw materials. Therefore, it is necessary to use a thick and thick rice wine juice to make the cheese. The cheese made of a similarly transparent and very thin rice wine juice is difficult to coagulate. . 2. The ratio of pure milk to rice wine juice is 2:1; pure milk must be used, or the bovine heat can be heated in advance to evaporate a part of the water, so that the cheese is better condensed. 3. Try to use a wide-mouth container to hold the evenly mixed milk rice wine juice, so that the heat will be more uniform, which is also conducive to cheese solidification. 4. The time of microwave varies according to the amount of raw materials, but basically it is taken out after taking a medium-high fire microwave for one minute, and then it is taken into a medium fire and taken out every microwave for one minute to see that the juice becomes thicker and thicker. It is not easy to shake, it will naturally become solid after cooling. 5. You can also put the cooled cheese in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours before eating, the taste will be better.

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