Recipe: Okra natto with avocado

Home Cooking Recipe: Okra natto with avocado


A dish that the Japanese food website looks like. The practice is super simple, seasoning you at will. It doesn't take much to eat breakfast, it can be done in 5 minutes. The key is that it is so delicious, I just love it! 1. The three ingredients of okra, natto and avocado (also known as avocado) are very uniform and very good in taste. They all belong to the “sticky slippery line” and neither need it, or oppose “excessive seasoning”. In fact, just simmering Japanese soy sauce directly, it is very delicious! Of course, if you prefer a heavy taste, add your own bean paste and add chili oil according to your own meaning, it is estimated that you can create new surprises. 2. For those who like sticky and smooth taste, I believe I will love this dish! When you see the mucus, you can think of the alien shape, and the food that is scared of physical discomfort and psychological shadow, please be careful to avoid it!



  1. The okra is placed in the water for 3 minutes, picked up and cross-sectioned into a small star-shaped piece. (It is said that this is the best time to eat)

  2. The avocado is drawn in a circle along the longitudinal direction with a knife, and it is disengaged in half. The flesh is dug out and chopped in a bowl.

  3. Open the natto and mix well.

  4. Mix the ingredients of 1, 2, and 3, add the squid juice attached to the natto box, mix well, and plate.

  5. Step 1 of the okra can not be used up, leave a few pieces of paving surface to decorate, like green stars, look good ~

  6. In the same way, the yellow mustard attached to the natto box is squeezed on the side of the bowl to make a decoration, and mix well when eating.


* I personally like the taste of the Italian style, plus some olive oil, garlic, lemon juice mixed with the salad dressing juice, crazy delicious ~ ~! recommend!

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