Recipe: Okra fried shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Okra fried shrimp



  1. Put a large spoonful of ginger in the bowl, pour 20-30ML of Guangdong rice wine, soak for about 30 minutes to make ginger juice.

  2. Sea white shrimp washed and went to the head

  3. Use scissors to cut the shell from the back and remove the shrimp line from the middle.

  4. Wrapped shrimps and preserved shrimp

  5. Use a knife to open the back of the shrimp, and cut the shrimp in the deep and two-thirds

  6. After the knife is changed, the shrimp is washed repeatedly with water and then controlled to dry.

  7. Add 2 grams of salt to the shrimp and grab the shrimp to produce stickiness.

  8. Then add a spoonful of ginger wine and a little white pepper, and mix the starch evenly.

  9. Finally, add olive oil and mix well, marinate for about 15 minutes.

  10. After the okra is washed, go to the thief and change the knife into sections.

  11. Make water in the pot, add a small spoonful of salt in the water (not included in the material), and then turn into the okra after the water is opened.

  12. 焯 焯 about 20 seconds to remove the control dry moisture

  13. Put a little olive oil in the pot (not included in the material), put it into the ginger and stir it, then add the marinated shrimp and stir fry.

  14. Stir-fried until the shrimp is discolored, then go into the okra and stir fry

  15. Before the pan, pour a small spoonful of ginger wine and sauté, add a little salt to taste, and then cook.


1. Ginger wine is a kind of seasoning wine commonly used in cooking seafood dishes in Cantonese cuisine. It can play the role of simmering and scenting. There are ready-made ginger wines on the market, or you can use Guangdong rice wine to soak ginger slices. Ginger wine 2. The time of hot okra should be short, about 15-20 seconds. The okra contains a lot of juice, and the nutrients in the juice are extremely high. 3. Okra should not use copper, iron cooking and dressing, because the material contained in the okra itself will quickly oxidize and make the color black. 4. The okra is cold and cold, and adding some ginger during the frying can have a good effect. 5. This is a fast-cooking dish. The whole cooking time is no more than 5 minutes. The long cooking time will cause the okra to lose nutrients, and the shrimp will become less tender.

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