Recipe: Okra fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Okra fried pork



  1. Wash the okra and roll it into a slice. Cut a little pork. Cut a little ginger.

  2. Add oil to the pot and add the ginger blasting pot after the oil is 70% hot.

  3. Add the shredded pork and add the chopped okra when the pork is discolored.

  4. The fire kept stirring. If you see a little mushy in the okra, you can transfer it to a medium-sized fire and continue to stir fry. Add salt during the process.

  5. When the okra is soft and soft, add a little chicken essence, and the plate is OK~


1) The first time I have no experience, I feel that the okra is hard, it should be better to cut it and then fry it. 2) Because of the rush to go out shopping, the pork is placed less, hey, you can put it obviously.

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