Recipe: Okra flavor soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Okra flavor soup


This soup is also a vegetarian ~ but it is very good ~ 00 is a person who has no meat and no joy~ People who want to drink meat in a fast-food soup~ But I often allow me to fool him with this~ Miso can change many types~ Don't say if you add seafood or meat is better~ Because I said this is just one of the ways ~~ Dinner for a certain day~ a few too rolls with a soup~ If you don't make rice on the day, use water directly~ You can also put less flavor increase~ add some chicken powder~ I added 1 crab willow~ I can't add it~



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Wash rice water and scallion

    Wash rice water and scallion

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Stirring and stirring, let it all open

    Stirring and stirring, let it all open

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Add okra

    Add okra

  4. Home Cooking Recipe: Add wakame to cook

    Add wakame to cook

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