Recipe: Okara biscuit

Home Cooking Recipe: Okara biscuit



  1. The butter is cut into small pieces at room temperature, and placed in a blender with brown sugar to form a feather

  2. After the eggs are broken, they are added to the stirred butter in small portions, and each time is fully blended.

  3. After draining the bean dregs, it is also added to the mixer in several portions, and the mixture is evenly stirred at a low speed.

  4. Add sesame and stir, then sieve into low powder and a small amount of salt, and mix evenly with a plastic scraper.

  5. Finished into a triangular shape by hand, frozen to hard

  6. Cut into 0.2cm slices, bake at 160 degrees for about 15 minutes, then bake to dryness with residual temperature.


1. The butter should be softened at room temperature and then stirred. 2, the eggs should be added in small portions to avoid oil and water separation. 3, the water of black bean dregs should be drained, otherwise the amount of batter should be reduced accordingly. 4, you can put brown sugar or white sugar, baking finished products are not the same color 5, the amount of sugar is increased or decreased according to personal taste, soy milk contains sugar, so the bean dregs are also slightly sweet 6, with whole protein more crisp than whole egg taste

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