Recipe: Oily bean

Home Cooking Recipe: Oily bean


The oily watercress, the second word reads tun, the meaning of fried in Shanghai dialect. Now in the morning of this season, a bowl of porridge, a salted egg, and a bowl of watercress that have the right benefits are no longer desirable. A few days ago, my mother’s mother sent me such a bowl of homemade watercress. The first bite was amazing. I couldn’t imagine it was such a crisp taste. Seasonal fresh ingredients only need simple and simple seasoning to make it shine. I was touched. Nowadays, more and more foreign recipes are in front of us. I hope that traditional dishes should not be lost. In addition, this recipe is dictated by friends and mothers. You know, adults think it is based on feelings. .



  1. Fresh broad bean husk

  2. Baking soda is watered

  3. Broad beans soaked in soda water for about half an hour

  4. Wash out the fresh broad beans and drain

  5. The oil is boiling and the fire is slowly simmering until it is almost drained~

  6. Fine salt in a clean pot, stir well, pour into the good watercress and mix well~


The key to crispness is baking soda, so it is essential~ Before the fried, the watercress must drain the water, otherwise the oil will splash out. Finally, the salt of sauteed fragrant is also the secret of bean curd fragrant ~, like other seasoning powder, it is ok to join together~

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