Recipe: Oily and spicy

Home Cooking Recipe: Oily and spicy


The way to maintain health is to pay attention to spring acid, summer bitterness, autumn spicy, winter salty. The "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" records that the spring five elements belong to the wood and need green, slightly sour food to nourish the body; in the summer, the five elements belong to the fire and need red, slightly bitter food to nourish the body; Long Xia (Lunar June) The five elements belong to the soil, yellow, slightly sweet food nourish the body; autumn five elements are gold, white, slightly spicy food nourish the body; winter five elements are water, black, salty food nourish the body. When the autumn is over, you can eat some spicy food to nourish your body. Make yourself a bottle of fragrant oil and sauté. You can put some dumplings, noodles, simmered dumplings and cold dishes.



  1. Mix the chili noodles, white sesame seeds and salt, and place in a large bowl with high temperature resistance.

  2. Heat the wok, pour the oil (the oil is better, at least not to have the chili noodles), put a large spoon of peppercorns, wait for the oil to heat the pepper, turn black and smell, turn off the fire, put the peppercorns Take out, let the oil drop down, then pour the oil in the pepper bowl. When the hot oil is poured, the bowl will boil, be careful not to be burnt. This link should pay attention to the fact that the oil temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will become a hot meal. If you don’t like pepper, don’t let it go.

  3. After cooling, put it in a dry glass bottle, and take it with you. It will be more fragrant after a few days, but I can't wait.

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