Recipe: Oil-free tomato egg fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil-free tomato egg fried rice


The pig is basically oil-cut during the weight loss period. I love the tomato scrambled eggs and I created this oil-free tomato scrambled egg.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Egg liquid is scattered

    Egg liquid is scattered

  2. Cut the tomato into small pieces

  3. Non-stick pan preheating

  4. Preheated pan poured into egg liquid

  5. After the eggs are cooked, pour in the prepared tomatoes, stir-fry the tomatoes, add the appropriate amount of salt chicken essence, because the tomato has a sour taste, so the seasoning must be less, otherwise it will be too salty.

  6. After the stir-fry, pour the rice into it. After the rice is stir-fried evenly, the plate is served. A bowl of delicious and low-calorie tomato and egg fried rice is just fine.

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