Recipe: Oil-free milk salty toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil-free milk salty toast



  1. All dry materials outside the milk are mixed first

  2. Take 180 grams of milk into a microwave bowl and put in the microwave to warm

  3. Use warm milk and noodles, and make a uniform dough

  4. Beginning to beat and knead the dough, falling to the dough can pull out the gluten, it may be because there is no oil, it seems that the film is not very transparent

  5. Put the fallen dough in a clean bowl and start the first fermentation.

  6. After fermenting to twice as large, remove the venting, divide into two equal doughs, and set awakening for 15 minutes.

  7. After the proofing, the two doughs are separately rolled twice, and then rolled into the toast mold, and then placed in a moisturizing environment for secondary fermentation until the dough is enlarged to 8 minutes after the toast mold is removed.

  8. The top of the dough is brushed with milk (I didn't use egg liquid, and the effect with milk is not bad)

  9. Baking: preheating 175 degrees, lower layer, fire up and down for 40 minutes

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