Recipe: Oil-free high protein Bean Shrimp Ball

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil-free high protein Bean Shrimp Ball


The landlord has been letting himself in the stage of fat-reducing and muscle-building. In fact, it is a healthy eating habit. The oil will also eat because the female silver can't be without fat. The most important part is the fat composition. Unless you want the gene to follow the fat... for fat I prefer to take high-quality fat and combine it with the recipe on the kitchen. This looks like a fried prawn ball is not a nutritious taste.



  1. Cut the potatoes in half, steam and stir into the mud.

  2. Shrimp cooked in boiling water, wrap the shrimp skin, leave the shrimp tail (try to choose a smaller shrimp, I don't see this shrimp, but a package of mashed potatoes is big)

  3. Wrap into a ball, wrap the egg, and wrap the bread/cornflakes

  4. Spread the oil paper, the oven is 180 degrees, 10-15 minutes (do not use too long, because the ingredients are cooked, just let the egg liquid and corn flakes color)

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