Recipe: Oil cake (glutinous rice flour)

Home Cooking Recipe: Oil cake (glutinous rice flour)


The oil cake made of glutinous rice flour has a crispy outer skin and soft and sweet inside. It has always been a delicious taste of childhood. It can be used as a flavor and then sugar, or it can be wrapped in white sugar. This will turn into thick sugar and bite down to sweetness. In my heart, of course, just get out of the pot and pay attention to it!



  1. Choose a larger container and pour all the glutinous rice flour into it. Add a little milk powder (with milky aroma) and mix well.

  2. Modulation of warm water, in fact, the oil cake is simple, but the key to success is the water used for the surface. It should not be too hot or too cold. The temperature is about 30 to 40 degrees. Otherwise, the glutinous rice flour will cake. In fact, it is the same as the dumpling.

  3. Add warm water to the glutinous rice flour, add a little, stir slowly, then slowly add it later, know that the glutinous rice flour can be evenly glued together, slightly softer than usual.

  4. Screw a piece, knead it, put it into white sugar, then seal the white sugar inside and knead it into a cake. The size is moderate.

  5. Put the oil in the pot, the amount of oil should not be too much, heat the medium heat, and then put the prepared cake into the pot and fry until golden on both sides. Is it very simple, try it quickly!


Don't worry, water must be warm water.

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