Recipe: Nuts spinach

Home Cooking Recipe: Nuts spinach



  1. Red peanuts. The red coat on the outside of this peanut has the effect of enriching blood and stopping bleeding, which is especially effective for raw food.

  2. Spinach cleaned

  3. Spinach is cooked in boiling water and then immersed in cold water. This step removes the oxalic acid contained in the spinach.

  4. Spinach cut into segments of about five centimeters, garlic chopped

  5. Put a little oil in the pot, put the peanuts into the small fire, stir fry, stir the peanuts to the extent of the crack.

  6. Spinach, minced garlic, peanuts are placed in small pots, add salt, vinegar, chili oil and a little sugar to mix evenly

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