Recipe: Nutrition, winter melon soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Nutrition, winter melon soup


٩ ٩ (๑ > 3 <) ۶ з slimming sister pokes in, is it still for the weight of the number 耿耿 ( (even). Oh, I can't afford to hurt. Obviously, he is eating goods, but he can only bear the pain and cut love. I recommend a very good time for everyone (๑>ڡ<)☆ A simmered melon soup, don't worry if you eat more, because the calories are extremely low. Everyone feels bad, don't yell at me (>_<).



  1. 1 Put the cockroach in the water and let it spit it out. It will be two or three times.

  2. 2 Cut the melon into pieces, and finally cut the thin points to cook a little.

  3. 3 Turn on the power and boil the water in the pot to the clear water. After boiling, pour the winter melon into it, and wait until the melon is about to be soft, then put it in, so that the meat will not be old.

  4. 4 After the winter melon is cooked, pour the oil and stir. Put a proper amount of salt, chicken, and taste better.

  5. After the seasoning is finished, cut the chopped green onion and start to embellish. Turn off the fire after a few seconds. A bowl of good-nutrient winter melon soup is made.


Chicken essence is also salty, and it should be salted with salt, otherwise it will be salty. Chicken essence can also choose not to be based on personal taste. It is not very delicious to cook melon for too long, because it is too soft. You can eat soy sauce and crab sauce when you eat, very good times.

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