Recipe: (Nourishing blood) brown sugar glutinous rice red dates 枸杞 枸杞 枸杞

Home Cooking Recipe: (Nourishing blood) brown sugar glutinous rice red dates 枸杞 枸杞 枸杞


Put it in the saucer the next night and enjoy a bowl of warm nourishing dessert the next morning, especially for girls. After the tremella is stewed, it has a special gelatin. Just like fish gelatin, it adds brown sugar, medlar and red dates. It has a certain blood-supplying effect~~(This is enough for 3 to 4 people)



  1. After the white fungus is foamed, cut the yellow roots and cut into smaller pieces. I only used a quarter of a white fungus, so much after soaking. Wash red dates, glutinous rice and glutinous rice

  2. Put the white fungus, red dates, medlar, and glutinous rice into the saucepan, add water, and the water must be drowned out, because the white fungus and the glutinous rice will absorb water. If you are worried about the smell of glutinous rice, you can add a little vegetable oil, but I did not add it.

  3. When the saucepan is plugged in before going to bed, you can sleep peacefully. After getting up the next morning, add brown sugar in the saucepan, stir and melt, then you can enjoy the warm breakfast after washing.

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