Recipe: Northeastern eggplant stewed potatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Northeastern eggplant stewed potatoes


Eat rice, you can eat three bowls



  1. The eggplant is cut into thick long sections, the best is torn, the potato is cut into a hob, and the green onion is half a bowl.

  2. Hot oil in the pot, can be a little more, the eggplant is more oily, the eggplant stir fry, add the pepper noodles, then the potatoes, then add the soy sauce, add water, not all the ingredients, medium heat for about half an hour, eggplant and potatoes are soft Rotten, add salt according to the situation, stir-fry the chopped green onion


If you like soup and rice, you will add more water. If you like to dry it, you will cook it. The essence of this dish is the last chopped green onion. It must be a little more, very fragrant, and compare it with the taste. The taste has risen several times. Be sure to smash the potatoes and eggplant, or you can mash them all into eggplant mashed bibimbap, so super rice

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