Recipe: Northeast sorghum rice rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Northeast sorghum rice rice


Today's glutinous rice rice is cooked in a small pot, and it has a natural rice scent. It should be the most original way of cooking.



  1. High glutinous rice and rice beans (red kidney beans) are washed clean, add water and soak in the refrigerator for one night

  2. Pour off the soaked water and rinse again twice

  3. Put the rice into the skillet, add the appropriate amount of water, cover the lid, boil over high heat, cook for about half an hour on a small fire, leave a little bit of seam on the lid, prevent the pot from boiling, cook until the water absorbs almost, cover the lid , turn off the fire for ten minutes

  4. Turn the cooked rice over the spoon and use cold water for a few times until the water is clear.


1. Be careful not to burn when cooking with a skillet. If it is too troublesome, you can use a rice cooker instead. 2. In the past, it was directly used to cool the well water. Now the environment is polluted, and the well water is not eaten. It can be replaced by cold boiling water or mineral water. 3, Sorghum rice water rice can be mixed with 烀 eggplant potato dipping sauce, you can also eat wild vegetables, scallions, hard sorghum rice, eat with cool water, especially in the summer to eat particularly enjoyable, simple but delicious ; 4, rice beans in glutinous rice rice is not necessary to add, usually do not add. I just have a home, just mix it up, not only more beautiful tastes but also better; 5, the same method can also be made into corn rice.

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