Recipe: Northeast ribs stewed beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Northeast ribs stewed beans


Pork ribs stewed beans, have everyone eaten? But have you eaten the ribs stewed with the northeast beans? That taste can't be described in words. At that moment, I just want to say, why are there such delicious beans? It’s been a long time since I didn’t eat the Northeast Beans. I can buy the Northeast Beans, which is the fate. Haha, I went to the vegetable market last weekend to buy food and found the Northeast Beans. I bought it at the time I bought it, because I really don’t know the Beans. Is it our northeast? If you eat the northeastern beans, you can't simply eat them. You must match them with ribs. Only the meat tastes, the taste of the beans is enough, so it is delicious! So in order to eat beans, I came 2 pounds of ribs! When I go home, I will simmer it. When I can’t wait to eat it, I really want to cry! too delicious. . .



  1. The ribs bought are washed out with water, the ribs are cold and the pot is thrown, a piece of ginger is thrown in, the water is boiled, the ribs are discolored, the ribs are removed, and the blood is drained.

  2. Heat the oil into a small fire, add a little pepper, wait until you smell the pepper, pick the pepper and throw it away, then fry the pepper oil.

  3. 2 chopped garlic chopped with onion ginger, star anise together into the pot, stir fry the scent, turn the fire into the ribs stir fry, cook into the liquor, transfer to the soy sauce, soy sauce, a little bit of sugar continue to stir fry Uniform color, pour hot water, the water level has just been over the ribs

  4. After the water is boiled again, boil the ribs for 30 minutes, then add the beans to the old ribs and put the remaining three cloves into the garlic.

  5. It takes about another 20 minutes to cook until the soup is slowly dried. Remember to use a shovel to turn it over during the stewing process to avoid the pan. Try the taste before the pan and then add a little salt to taste.

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