Recipe: Northeast cold dish _ bitter chrysanthemum egg peanut

Home Cooking Recipe: Northeast cold dish _ bitter chrysanthemum egg peanut



  1. First, put a little oil in the pot, stir fry the peanuts until the skin is discolored, that is, stir-fry the peanuts, and then serve them for later use.

  2. In addition to the coriander, all the seasonings, together with the minced garlic, are poured into a bowl and mixed well, so that the sugar and chicken essence are completely melted. Try the taste, which is subject to the sweet and sour taste, which can be adjusted according to your own taste.

  3. Finally, cut the washed bitter chrysanthemum, cut the preserved egg, pour the prepared bowl of juice into the bitter chrysanthemum and mix well, then pour the preserved egg and mix it with the bitter chrysanthemum, so that the preserved egg will not disperse, and finally Let's mix the peanuts in the table to ensure the crispness of the peanuts. It is very good to eat. My heart is good.


1. Mix all the seasonings in advance to make the bitter chrysanthemum taste good. At the same time, it can keep the shape of the dish very well. I used to put it in the same dish before mixing. It is easy to mix unevenly. It is okay to eat by yourself, but if it is a banquet, it will be ugly. 2. The taste is mainly sweet and sour. The seasoning ratio can be adjusted by myself. I am learning from this. I will make the proportion of scallion soy skin if it is light. You can add it yourself. If you have fuel consumption at home, you can put some fresh food. Sometimes I will mix white vinegar and vinegar. If it feels not enough acid. 3. After the preserved egg is also beautiful, put it together in advance, the yellow of the preserved egg. The skin will be separated, and the main reason is that the vegetables are added to the taste of the egg. The peanuts must be put down after the compound taste. Because the time is long, the peanuts are not crispy. It is not good to eat the first time. No photo, purely think. Record to yourself, Baidu casually find screenshots, if the author has objection to contact delete

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