Recipe: Noodle dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Noodle dumplings


Today, at the door of the community, I met the former neighbor, who was accompanied by her husband! She was blinded by diabetes and caused complications. The age is only one year older than me. From a person with normal vision suddenly becomes a blind person, from being able to see the colorful world to the darkness of the eyes, where to go from where I want to go, now I need to rely on the support of others to go out and wander, that pain It is impossible for normal people to understand. Really poor! Usually her husband goes out with her every morning and evening to bend, if there is entertainment, go home and cook for her, then go. At this time, only the other half is with you, taking care of you, this is my wife! Speaking of diabetes, you have to talk about the reasonable diet of diabetic patients. Modern medicine has proved that after normal diet, as blood sugar rises, insulin secretion increases, so that blood sugar is lowered and maintained in a normal range, and therefore, diabetes does not occur. In diabetic patients, due to islet dysfunction, insulin secretion is absolutely or relatively insufficient, insulin can not increase with blood sugar after diet, can not play an effective role in lowering blood sugar, so blood sugar is beyond the normal range. At this time, if you eat like a normal person, do not control your diet, or even eat too much, it will cause your blood sugar to rise too high, and it will have an adverse effect on the islet tissue that is already insufficiently secreted, so that the islet function is more diminished, insulin The secretion is further reduced, which further aggravates the condition. Therefore, it is necessary to rationally control diet for people with diabetes. Diabetes diet principle Eat vegetables with leaves, stems and vegetables, and eat less roots and tubers; Do not eat fried food or oily food; Do not thicken, high starch; Do not eat foods high in starch, such as eating staple foods; Good blood sugar control, eat fruit in the middle of two meals, but do not drink juice; Drink the soup to remove the oil from it; Eating shredded meat is better than eating meat, pork chops, and braised pork. Eating barbed fish is better than eating fish, because it can slow down the meal and increase the feeling of fullness; Eating boned meat is better than eating meat. It not only satisfies the appetite requirement, but also does not eat much meat; Eat chicken to remove chicken skin and fat.



  1. Use boiling water and noodles to knead the noodles into smooth dough

  2. Onion ginger, minced, pick the yellow leaves of the leek, wash, drain, and chop

  3. Egg break up

  4. When the pot is filled with salad oil, when the oil is 70% hot, it is added to the egg liquid and the egg is slid.

  5. Pour the onion ginger and shrimp skin, stir fry a few times, turn off the heat. Put in MSG

  6. Put the chopped leeks into the pot, mix well with the eggs and the shrimps, and put a little salt.

  7. Divide the dough into a uniform size, just like the size of the steamed dumplings.

  8. Round the agent and flatten it

  9. Pinch the round cake with both hands, turn it into a circle, slowly become a bowl shape, the dumpling skin becomes

  10. Put the stuffing, fold it in half, and pinch the side

  11. Put in a boiling water pot and steam for 15 minutes. You can get out of the pot


1, because there is shrimp skin, salt and salty and then put. 2. Use boiled water and noodles. 3, the dumplings can not be fully pinched, leaving a small mouth on both sides. In order to be familiar.

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