Recipe: New garlic ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: New garlic ribs


New garlic ribs. It is a word, incense. Can be put into the top three made so many ribs, it is too good taste, soup rice is more like, garlic and rice mixed together, simply not put ~ when doing a lot of garlic, so you can prepare a little Chewing gum haha~



  1. The new garlic is cut into small petals, soaked overnight for good use, chili ginger shredded spare

  2. Pork ribs washed with boiling water to remove foam

  3. From the oil pan, add the scent of the bean paste in Pixian County, add the ribs and fry the color, and change to the skillet to add water.

  4. Boil it and add some old-fashioned color, turn to a small fire for about 40 minutes, add the pepper segment and ginger for 10 minutes.

  5. Add the new garlic for about five minutes, season the salt into the pot, oh oh!


1 new garlic tastes very comfortable, soaking a lot of peeling garlic in advance overnight is not so bad. 2 Garlic is not tolerant to cook, so the last few minutes to cook, otherwise you will not find it. . 3 fresh ginger, garlic, peppers listed in the summer, I really like it~

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