Recipe: natural yeast

Home Cooking Recipe: natural yeast


Know the natural yeast for the first time. Of course, it comes from the blog of love and freedom. The first baking book details how to make natural yeast. Although the raw materials are simple, it is really troublesome to read the steps. Every 12 hours of feeding, calculating the time, how can you not spend time at work. But finally I am determined to try. As long as you can guarantee the time. In fact, it is quite simple to do.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: 1. Produce fermentation broth:

    1. Produce fermentation broth:

  2. The glass bottle is washed and boiled and disinfected; the sterilized glass bottle is allowed to cool, and the sugar and cold water are added. After the sugar is melted, the raisins are placed and the lid is covered;

  3. On the second day, the raisins swelled, and the cover was lightly shaken to change the scent of the raisins. On the third day, there was no obvious change, and the cover was opened again.

  4. On the fourth day, some of the raisins floated, and there were a lot of bubbles in the water, and the bottle could smell the wine. (This process is related to temperature. I didn’t smell the obvious wine until the fifth day of fermentation.)

  5. The fermentation broth was filtered out using a sieve for use.

  6. 2. Making natural yeast:

  7. Mix 100g of fermentation broth with 100g of medium-sized powder (I use half of high-powder and low-powder). After about 16 hours, the paste will expand to about 2.5 times, and then start to fall back. (The fermentation time is related to temperature, the standard is batter expansion to 2.5. Double Daha, the same as below);

  8. Leave 100g of mixture, pour off the rest (in fact, can also be used to make the starter, fermented bread), add 100g of medium powder and 100g of cold water to mix evenly, after about 12 hours, the paste expands to about 2.5 times, and then begins to fall back;

  9. Leave 100g of the mixture, pour off the rest, add 100g of medium powder and 100g of cold water to mix evenly. When the mixture expands to the highest point, or the batter is thicker and more energetic, it can be used.


Ps:1) If not used and stored at room temperature, it should be fed once every 12 hours according to the ratio of “natural yeast: medium powder: water=1:1:1”; 2) if not used and stored in cold storage, it can be fixed weekly. Take out one day, pour off a part, and feed it 3 times according to the ratio of “natural yeast: medium powder: water=1:1:1”, and mix it evenly after the third time;

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