Recipe: Nanning Rice Noodle

Home Cooking Recipe: Nanning Rice Noodle


Why do you need to say more about Nanning's old friends? Ok, let's copy the network profile... “Old Friends Powder” can be regarded as one of the most popular and unique local snacks in Nanning. It is both sour, spicy, salty and fragrant. It is said that it has the effect of dispelling wind and dispelling cold and waking up.



  1. Material preparation: Pork slices are picked up with a raw material for a few minutes, while the sour bamboo shoots, ginger, shredded garlic, chopped pepper, chopped soybeans, chopped with water, chopped, bone soup cooked (I am lazy A thick soup treasure......).

  2. Do not put oil and do not release water, sour bamboo shoots in the pot with medium heat to fry the water, it is best to fry the bamboo shoots itself to dry out, a little yellow. Take out the spare.

  3. Put the lard in the pot (in fact, the vegetable oil is also OK). Heat the fire and throw it into the ginger, garlic, and soy sauce. Explosive for a little longer~!

  4. Throw the sour bamboo shoots in, and stir fry twice to pour in the soy sauce. You can also throw a little bit of chili sauce into it~

  5. Drop the pork slices and fry them twice. You can pour the soup into the meat when it is white. The soup should always be on the stove next to the heat, avoiding the temperature is too low to cook for a long time and then the meat is old.

  6. Wait until the water rolls (at this time you can taste the taste is not enough to quickly fill the knife), throw the rice into the water, the water rolls again and the rice noodles can not be glued together. Do not cook for a long time, rice noodles are easy to rotten!


1. The aroma is largely from the cardamom, don't lick, chopped will be more flavorful. 2. Another part of the special smell comes from sour bamboo shoots, and the sour taste of the powder comes from sour bamboo shoots. White vinegar is not so necessary and should be put less. 3. The combination of soy sauce and old pumping can ensure the color and taste. It is not necessary or impossible. 4. At the beginning, you can burn the oil for a long time. The layer that floats on the old friend's powder should be fully cooked old oil. But... this is not the name homonym! 5. Garlic and pepper should also be enough. Ginger is a supporting role. 6. All kinds of meat can be, pork old friends powder is more convenient to do, but it seems that the best is pig powder? OMG my powder sausage...

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