Recipe: Nakajima teacher sweet potato cake roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Nakajima teacher sweet potato cake roll


On the day the book arrived, let the friend order one for her, and she chose this. Sweet potato is a ready-made roadside cart. The baked sweet potato is really sweet and slippery. Nakajima’s hurricane seems to be a change in this formula, so you can also play it yourself and do something else you want to eat~ Baking tray 28cm*28cm



  1. Preparation: Place the protein in the freezer and freeze it to a thin ice for about ten minutes. Cut the baking paper.

  2. Sweet potato stuffing: sweet potato peeled and diced into a pot with a small amount of water to cook. Cook and add sugar to the mud with a cooking machine, add a little bit of soy milk to make a creamy shape. Pour the sweet potato puree into a small pot and heat it on low heat, while stirring with a wooden spatula until some of the water evaporates and cools on the plate.

  3. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees

  4. Method of egg yolk paste: Add yellow cane and black sesame to the egg yolk and stir with a whisk. Add rapeseed oil and soy milk in sequence and mix well. Sift the low powder into the eggbeater and stir until there is no agglomeration.

  5. Apply whipped cream: use a electric egg beater to spread the protein at high speed, and then add the yellow sucrose in three times. Hit hard foaming.

  6. In the egg yolk paste, add a scraper meringue, mix well with the egg beater, then pour all the meringue, and use a spatula to gently pour from the bottom of the pelvis. Mix it until you can't see the traces of the protein cream.

  7. Pour the cake paste into the baking tray and shake it gently on the table. Preheat 190 degrees for 15 minutes, release from the mold, and put it on the cooling rack to cool.

  8. Remove the colored side of the baking paper upwards, leave a white side about 5cm wide on the right side, and apply the sweet potato stuffing on the other side, roll it up from the side close to you, and then press the end to the bottom. Roll it into the refrigerator with plastic wrap and freeze it for 30 to 1 hour.


The material is limited to white sugar for cane sugar and milk for soy milk. Sweet potato stuffing is directly smashed by roasted sweet potatoes. You don't need to add sugar. You can add a little bit of milk to dilute it. The recipe steps are the same as the book, and the operation can be based on your own habits. After using the wrap film, I don’t like oil paper at all, because the oil paper slips and the wrap film can roll very tight!

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