Recipe: Muyuhua ham burger

Home Cooking Recipe: Muyuhua ham burger


The wood fish flower, also known as the bonito flake, is a large-scale squid that has been baked and dried into a very thin sheet, which is preserved by vacuuming or nitrogen filling. It is a natural and delicious seasoning without adding any additives. Product. The wood fish flower is rich in nutrients and delicious. It is widely used in Japanese cuisine. It can be seen from cold salad, soup, hand-rolled materials and various sauces. Nowadays, Muyuhua has been applied to West Point production. Even a simple fancy bread will have a different flavor because of the addition of Muyuhua. Baking time: 175 degrees up and down the fire in the middle layer for about 20 minutes Production quantity: 8



  1. Mix the dough material except butter

  2. Stir until the dough is smooth and add butter to continue stirring

  3. Stir to the dough to pull out the film and the edges of the holes appearing after smashing are neat and jagged

  4. Roll the dough into a round and cover the surface with a damp cloth for basic fermentation (about 1 and a half hours)

  5. Ferment the dough to about 2 times the size of the finger, rub the water or dry the powder, press the dough, the cavity is not collapsed, and it can be retracted (or slightly retracted).

  6. The dough is divided into parts and then folded from the periphery to the center.

  7. Then the hand is rounded down

  8. Place the prepared dough on the baking tray (can be placed in the oven) for final fermentation (about 30 minutes)

  9. The surface of the dough is coated with egg liquid (not included in the material) and baked in the oven.

  10. Thousand Island Sauce is added with onion and black pepper and stirred evenly.

  11. Cabbage washed and cooked, then controlled to dry water

  12. After the bread is baked, it is baked and cooled.

  13. Cut from it, smear the salad dressing and add the leaves and ham

  14. Close the top and apply a layer of salad dressing

  15. Finished after embellishing the wooden fish flower


1. The bread aspect is actually the basic burger embryo is more suitable for novice making 2. This bread is directly stacked and rounded, so the middle relaxation time is saved. 3. Because of the salad dressing, plus ham, wood fish, etc., please use the bread as soon as possible after preparation. If you need to keep it, please seal it. 4. Wood fish flowers are generally kept in vacuum or nitrogen. Unfinished wooden fish flower, in order to maintain its umami taste, please keep it in a cold storage and use it as soon as possible.

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