Recipe: Mustard tofu soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Mustard tofu soup


The shellfish in this soup I use is a New Zealand native shellfish called PIPI. The meat is not big, but the color is very bright and beautiful. If you are in the country, of course, it is best to use it! ! ! Also for this reason, I took the name of the dish directly, but I didn’t call it “PIPI Soup”, lest everyone read the name of the dish and it’s foggy. If you are more careful, you can also see that there is a "Gai Choy" in the English name, which is actually the Cantonese pronunciation of mustard! Many Chinese green vegetables overseas are directly used as Cantonese names in Cantonese, probably because most of the original immigrants were Cantonese.



  1. Pipi or sputum is marinated in salt water for a few hours to spit out the sand, then the shell is washed with a hard brush and drained.

  2. Cut the tofu, the mustard is washed, the small drain is dry, and the ginger is shredded.

  3. Add broth and ginger to the pan

  4. Put the tofu cubes in the boiled broth and boil again (drop a small amount of oil as appropriate, mainly to keep the beautiful color of the vegetables to be cooked later)

  5. Put in Pipi or 蛤蜊, cook until just opened

  6. Put the mustard, turn it off and turn off the heat, seasoning on the table (tofu can be eaten according to the taste)

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