Recipe: Mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots


There is a dish in the restaurant called "burning two winters", which is similar to this dish. The second winter refers to mushrooms and winter bamboo shoots. On this basis, I added some bean sprouts, which is very delicious and recommended to everyone.



  1. Dried shiitake mushrooms with warm water

  2. Winter bamboo shoots peel off the skin, cooked, cut into hob blocks

  3. Wash the bean sprouts, rinse with cold water after boiling in boiling water, spread on a plate

  4. Heat the wok and pour the oil. Stir the mushrooms first, then the bamboo shoots, add the soy sauce and salt.

  5. Adding water and not cooking, when the soup is quickly dried, the starch is thickened with water and it can be placed on the plate with the bean sprouts.

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