Recipe: Mushroom steamed chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom steamed chicken


I have a special liking for fresh mushrooms. Every steamed chicken likes to match it. I always feel more refreshing taste than dried shampoo mushrooms, and the color is brighter.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Chicken washed a little dry

    Chicken washed a little dry

  2. Garlic cistanche, ginger chopped, scorpion soaked in water, red dates to cut into strips, fresh shredded mushrooms

  3. Take a slightly larger bowl and put all the seasonings except mushrooms and hazelnuts into the bowl and grab it with a sticky slip.

  4. After scratching, wash the claws ^o^, add the mushrooms, soak the dumplings, mix well with chopsticks, and place the refrigerator for half an hour to one hour.

  5. The pot is boiled, boiled and steamed. It is strongly recommended that the film be steamed. If it is not sealed, it will be steamed out and the taste will be light. Remedy. The film is steamed for about 30 minutes. It is basically cooked without steaming for 15 minutes. There is no film for the bamboo steamer. Please choose a plastic wrap that can be heated

  6. After steaming, sprinkle with chopped green onion


1. Can not be lazy, must grab the mucus, this is the key to chicken tenderness! 2. Please use a plastic wrap that can be heated. The sealing film can keep the color of the whole dish, and it is not watery. Time is longer than steaming without sealing. 3. Change the fresh mushrooms into gold needles that have been squeezed through three times of water, and they will become the traditional golden needle steamed chicken in Guangdong.

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