Recipe: Mushroom rice cooker

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom rice cooker


Cast iron pot version.



  1. Wash the rice, soak for more than half an hour, then drain the water.

  2. Mix the millet pepper, garlic and chopped green onion and divide into two equal portions.

  3. Bacon cut strips, wide-style sausage cut slices. The mushroom is washed and sliced ​​for use.

  4. Preheat the fire in the cast iron pan, put a large spoonful of oil (do not put a lot), put a small rice pepper / garlic slice / chopped green onion after the oil is warm, and then put the bacon bar, so that the oil is full of bacon flavor.

  5. Add the drained rice and stir fry for 1-2 minutes to let the rice enjoy the smell of oil~ Put a small amount of salt.

  6. Add water to the pot, not over the rice. Spread the mushrooms, sausage and another millet pepper / garlic / chopped green onion, cover the lid.

  7. After the water is boiled, turn to a small fire for about 20 minutes. Don't always open the lid, listen carefully to the movements in the pot, and gradually the sound of the water will disappear. There will be a squeaking sound inside, indicating that the water has dried up and started to make the pot. If you like to eat casserole, then turn to medium heat for about 5 minutes, the pot will be able to bear a layer of casserole.

  8. Turn off the fire and continue to cover it for 10 minutes. Then put the pot on the table and enjoy it! You can have a little bit of miso sauce or garlic sauce (I will write how to do these two sauces later), meat lovers can also have a small spoonful of bacon sauce, very sweet!

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