Recipe: Mushroom rapeseed (fast food)

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom rapeseed (fast food)


Shanghai Green Rapeseed



  1. Cut garlic into garlic, chopped green onion, ginger and cut into use

  2. Shanghai green rapeseed, shiitake mushrooms washed to the roots, sliced ​​mushrooms.

  3. Put the mushrooms and rapeseed under the boiled water and cut them out, and squeeze the water for use.

  4. Put the oil in the pan, wait until the oil temperature is slightly hot, stir the onion ginger and garlic, and sauté the garlic. Stir the scent and pour the good mushrooms and rape into the stir fry.

  5. Stir fry a few times and add soy sauce, garlic, chicken powder, salt, sesame oil seasoning, stir fry evenly out of the pan.


Because the mushrooms and rapeseed are boiled in advance, there will not be too much juice when frying. Don't fry for a long time. Just a few times, the time will be fried for a long time and there will be no crisp taste.

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