Recipe: Mushroom paste + potato&carrot mash mushroom sauce + potato carrot puree

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom paste + potato&carrot mash mushroom sauce + potato carrot puree


Mash is a mix of Jamie Oliver and roast leg of lamb. He also has sweet potatoes inside. He didn't bother to buy it at home. I think adding carrots or sweet potatoes will be healthier. Mushroom sauce is made by myself, and Jamie is accompanied by chickpea sauce. Roast leg of lamb can be found at



  1. Peel the potatoes and carrots and let the water boil

  2. While chopping onions, sliced ​​mushrooms

  3. Put olive oil and a small piece of butter in the pan

  4. When the butter melts, put the onion and saute

  5. Let the mushrooms stir slightly

  6. Put the cream, black pepper, change the fire

  7. At this time the potatoes and carrots are almost soft, pour the water, add salt black pepper and a piece of butter.

  8. Then use a shovel to make potatoes and carrots into mud.

  9. The mushrooms are almost cooked. (If you think the juice is not very thick, you can take another small pan, medium heat, olive oil for a while, don't be too hot, put a little flour and stir it and then thicken it in the mushroom sauce.)


The steps may be a bit messy. . Ask me if I can't read the message. Oh, yes, the oil I used to fry onions and mushrooms was taken out when I was roasting the leg of lamb. I ate the mutton for a lot of oil and I used it.

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