Recipe: Mushroom miso fried egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom miso fried egg


Engaged with the parents In fact, the mushrooms that are bought are not the same size. I am almost the same at noon. I have done this for the average size. Still garlic, then I want to combine with the eggs.



  1. Heat the oil, cut the garlic into the end, cut the onion, and sauté the pot. (You can add other vegetables and cabbage. What is the scallion?

  2. Tricholoma sliced ​​under the pot and stir-fry the scent out of some water. Add salt, black pepper, chicken essence, stir fry and let the vegetables taste a little.

  3. Eggs are not scattered. Don't be too uniform. Add some flavoring and cooking wine. When the water in the pan is slightly drained, pour in the eggs. Cover the lid. Open the small fire. Cook slowly.

  4. Finally, sprinkle with seaweed and sesame~

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