Recipe: Mushroom leeks heart

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom leeks heart



  1. The heart of the dish is soaked in the rice water for about ten minutes and then washed with water.

  2. Mushrooms are soaked and washed

  3. The shiitake mushrooms are cut into strips, refueled and salted, and steamed for cooking.

  4. Boil the water in the pot, put a little oil and salt, and cook the vegetables.

  5. Put a good dish into the dish and put it in the dish.

  6. Hot oil pan, pour in the juice with oyster sauce, sesame oil and water

  7. Pour the mushrooms together and stir well

  8. Finally, you can pour it on the heart of the dish.


Vegetables washed with rice water is more environmentally friendly! The water after washing can also be used to water the flowers!

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