Recipe: Mushroom chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom chicken soup


Mushrooms and chickens are always the most wonderful match. The natural flavor of the chicken is full of whole soup, and the aroma of the mushrooms is flowing around. In the process of this pot of soup, you can smell the scent of the drifting, and always can't help but want to uncover the lid and taste it first. Chicken soup is delicious and nutritious, not only nourishing, but also prevents colds.



  1. Wash the chicken and cut it into small pieces. Discard the tip of the chicken tail and the tip of the wing. Put the chicken in the boiling water, cook for 1 minute, remove it, and wash the blood.

  2. The mushrooms are stalked and cleaned; the shallots are ready for use.

  3. Put 80% of the water in the pot, put in the chicken, mushrooms, ginger, simmer, first boil over high heat, then turn to low heat for 3 hours. In order to make the soup more mellow, do not open the lid during cooking, and do not add water.

  4. Put the scallions at the end of the pan and season with salt according to your taste. The chicken soup itself is already delicious, no need to add other seasonings.


1. The mushroom cover should be round and thick, and the umbrella should be turned inward. It is rich in a variety of amino acids and vitamins, not only can delay aging, but also soften the cuticle and improve skin aging caused by sun exposure. 2, teach you a quick trick to dry the dried mushrooms: put a few dried mushrooms in a canned bottle or a well-sealed lunch box, pour 50-60% full of hot water, cover the lid, force quickly up and down Swing, no more than 1 minute, the mushrooms are soaked.

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