Recipe: Mushroom chestnut pheasant

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom chestnut pheasant


Chestnuts are just out of the way. I like chestnuts most. So today I made a chestnut chicken ~ chestnut is a very good ingredient, usually like sugar and soup can be ~



  1. Chicken flies first

  2. Put the oil into the hot pot and stir fry. Add a little wine and fry until slightly yellow.

  3. Put the soaked mushrooms and peeled chestnuts, and the garlic continues to stir fry

  4. Add fuel consumption and continue to fry, add appropriate amount of water (presumably cover the material), cover the pot and cook

  5. Change to medium fire, pay attention to the control of water, add a little salt when you receive the juice, and you can put it on the dish with diced green onion~~

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