Recipe: Mushroom, carrot, chicken breastballs

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom, carrot, chicken breastballs


This healthy meal, which I learned in the kitchen, is very suitable for losing weight. After learning, I feel very good and worth sharing.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Prepare the above ingredients

    Prepare the above ingredients

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Processing material

    Processing material

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Add seasoning to continue 剁

    Add seasoning to continue 剁

  4. Home Cooking Recipe: Complete the mud

    Complete the mud

  5. Home Cooking Recipe: 搓丸


  6. Home Cooking Recipe: Steam for 15 minutes

    Steam for 15 minutes


When you lick the ball, the palm of your hand wipes the powdered water, which increases the stickiness.

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