Recipe: Mushroom, cabbage, tofu, fan

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom, cabbage, tofu, fan


I don't have much time, I want to drink soup and I want to eat vegetables. I also want to solve the staple food. I have to do it simply and comfortably. It is it! The whole process is no more than 20 minutes哟



  1. The mushroom is soaked, and the water is soaked in the slag. Wash the cabbage. Ginger shredded.

  2. Add some water to the mushrooms (and its water), put them in the pot and cook them. Turn on the small fire and slowly squat until the taste and scent come out. (Of course, I will cook for 10 minutes)

  3. Put ginger, cabbage, tofu, add some salt. Of course, this also looks like preferences. For example, I am putting cabbage and mushrooms together. I like to put it on the last step. I like to put it at this time.

  4. Fans can also be put together with the above. I throw the fans hot and soaked, so I can get cooked faster and basically eat them.

  5. Add salt when you are out of the pan

  6. eat

  7. Do not take it for more than 20 minutes in the pot.


1 mushrooms, no need to let go, have a more fragrant, no more light 2 Tofu, not the most tender one is not the old one used for frying. Hey, if you are too old, you will cook more. If you are tender, you will put it out and boil it. 3 fans, with hi 4 water, see how much soup you want to drink, of course, cabbage will also come out of the water, the taste of the soup is very good, I added more water, the result is very hydrating, a person can not finish. The picture is my two-fifths.

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