Recipe: Mushroom beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Mushroom beef



  1. Add cooking wine, soy sauce, black pepper to the beef tenderloin, pickled for 24 hours

  2. After washing all kinds of mushrooms, cut into small pieces or small pieces of uniform size.

  3. In the fire stage - put a proper amount of oil in the pot, put the ginger and pepper cut into small pieces and scent

  4. Pour the beef tenderloin to the external discoloration

  5. Pour the mushroom into the mushroom and stir it slightly.

  6. Pour the right amount of water, almost flush with the raw material

  7. Middle fire stage - cover the lid and cook for ten minutes

  8. Uncover the lid and season with salt

  9. The stage of the fire - put the amount of water starch, thicken the soup

  10. Sprinkle with chopped green onion ~ turn off the fire ~ plate ~


1. Beef will not be easy to taste, so it is recommended to pickle it in advance; 2. The taste of the mushroom is also slightly light, so the seasoning can be slightly heavier~

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